The child-resistant packaging for pharmaceuticals and food supplements

packlock - the clever blister

packlock’s innovative blister pack sets an example for child resistance and at the same time addresses the needs of older people. 77% of medicines are taken by people over 60 years of age. packlock helps senior citizens to blister out the medicines, to dose the medicines and to avoid confusion thanks to the additional information. packlock offers functional and emotional features that ensure your medicines are safely packaged.

packlock is not a fundamentally new medication packaging. The existing blister packaging is merely modified and further processed. The packaging process requires an additional processing step in which the blisters are folded and sealed.

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The production

The production and filling of packlock® blisters is largely possible on standard industry production lines. The production of the blisters only requires an additional module at the end of the manufacturing process for the punching, folding and sealing steps.  Production can therefore be converted to packlock® blisters easily, quickly and cost-effectively.






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