the clever blister

the clever blister

child-proof and senior-friendly

The patented and award-winning blister system makes it easy for seniors and (almost) impossible for children to remove medications.

How does packlock work?

Tear open (optional)

Before first use, the two side flaps must be torn off. The side flaps are optional and provide additional protection during transport.


The package is then compressed with two fingers to form a cavity inside the blister.

Deblister a tablet

The desired tablet can now be pressed into the cavity with a second hand. The blister must continue to be pressed together during this time.

Take the tablet

The pressure can then be released and the tablets removed, at the marked location.


Household accidents with poisoning occur every year among children in Germany. Approximately 60% of these accidents are caused by the use of medication. packlock protects children with an innovative packaging and at the same time meets the needs of senior people.

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The right solution for every use case

The advantages


The innovative locking system makes it (virtually) impossible for children to reach the contents of the blister. packlock® has the potential to protect countless children's lives.


The blister is made of mono-material and is therefore 100% recyclable. In addition, packlock® can save packaging cardboard, which means less space is needed for transport and storage.


Even when using classic packaging materials (aluminum and plastic), up to 50% of aluminum and up to 24% of plastic can be saved.


packlock® offers many advantages for seniors and people with impairments. Thinner sealing film makes it easier to push out tablets. Better legibility and and additional information, thanks to larger font and more labeling area. Safer, controlled and hygienic withdrawal process, thanks to the innovative closure system, etc.

More information

On packlock® more information can be printed directly on the blister than on a classic blister. The additional labeling area can be used for product and manufacturer information, consumption recommendations, etc. Braille printing is also possible.

Robust and elastic

The innovative design makes it possible for packlock to be easily carried in trouser pockets and handbags without accidentally breaking out or damaging the tablets. At the same time, the packaging is extremely elastic and can be bent as desired without damaging the contents or affecting the mechanism of action.

The awards

The areas of application


packlock® offers a variety of different solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. The flexible design leaves a great deal of design freedom for their individual needs. packlock® is a safe, user-friendly and cost-effective packaging solution for the pharmaceutical industry

Diary and vitamin supplements

For nutritional supplements and vitamins, packlock® also represents an innovative packaging solution that sets them apart from the competition. packlock® requires no cardboard packaging and can be placed or hung directly on the shelf.  Whether with or without additional packaging, packlock remains a safe, user-friendly and cost-effective packaging solution 

Additional areas


Application areas and packaging solutions are versatile, and so is packlock®. Many application areas in the non-food sector are also conceivable, such as the packaging of button batteries for hearing aids. 

The production

The production and filling of packlock® blisters is largely possible on standard industry production lines. The production of the blisters only requires an additional module at the end of the manufacturing process for the punching, folding and sealing steps.  Production can therefore be converted to packlock® blisters easily, quickly and cost-effectively.